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Stone & Brick Protective Coating

Commercial & Industrial

Stone & Brick Protective Coating Service UK Nationwide

Nationwide stone and brick protective coatings come with a Riolett 5 year personal guarantee.

Once a building/surface has been appropriately cleaned, Riolett can use our on-site spraying techniques to apply a clear coating that will ensure the protection of the surface for five years. During that period, the surface will not require any additional maintenance cleaning. The benefits of this coating are apparent and will save our clients additional cleaning charges over the next five year period.

The coating is transparent and undetectable once applied to a suitable surface (skylights, cladding, brick etc.). Once applied, the coat can not only prevent any mould/mildew and algae from returning to a building but is also especially useful for building in need of protection from graffiti vandalism and tagging. Any graffiti can be quickly whipped away without the need for heavy-duty pressure washing.

When the need arises to waterproof/weatherproof your exterior building's surfaces, it is often essential to do so without compromising the natural aesthetics of the stone or brickwork while at the same time providing reliable long-term protection for the materials. Therefore, Riolett is pleased to offer exterior wall coatings to protect the fabric of your building from the elements and vandalism through graffiti.

Highly durable protective wall coatings

Silicone-based treatments are often favoured, and while these offer an inexpensive short-term solution, they do not provide the same advantages as our non-silicon based product. Silicones are not a long-term solution and are considered unstable. This means that re-application is required frequently, but due to the releasing agent properties that these products display, further treatments fail to hold, and re-protecting surfaces can prove challenging. Silicones can also speed up some kinds of weather damage by trapping moisture, which then freezes and causes damage to external masonry surfaces.

In contrast, our non-silicone coating not only protects for up to 5 years but also provides a breathable micro-porous protection system that allows water vapour to escape. Furthermore, its clear finish maintains the natural look of the stone/brickwork. Also, the coating offers quick-drying, simple varying methods of application and conformity to British Standard safety specifications.

Features & Key Benefits:-

If you are interested in receiving a free quote for a protective coating for your exterior building walls, please contact us.